Writers' Guidelines

What We Publish
Inspirational fiction for adults, teens, and children in a wide variety of genres (nothing under 30,000 wc):

Biblical ▪ Children’s & Family Classics (ages 8 and up—no picturebooks)
Classic & Allegory ▪ Fantasy ▪ Futuristic ▪ Historical ▪ Humor ▪ Issues ▪
Legal & Political Thrillers ▪ Mystery & Detective ▪ Romance ▪
Romance-Suspense ▪ Sci-Fi ▪ Suspense ▪ Young Adult

Selective nonfiction titles (no poetry, separate studyguides unless part of a book, plays/skits, memoirs/autobiographies, nothing under 30,000 wc)

OakTara and Barbour

OakTara publishes titles through OakTara, as well as through the Barbour-OakTara Partnership. For more info on the partnerships, click on “Barbour” on the www.oaktara.com homepage. All manuscripts must be submitted to OakTara and rtucker@oaktara.com as per the instructions in these Writers’ Guidelines.

Our Audience
We are seeking a broader spectrum of readers who may not walk through the door of an inspirational bookstore but who avidly shop the Web. Ms. must be written from a Christian perspective/worldview but with language/wording that can reach any reader, regardless of faith background, to garner largest audience for the product.

How We Work
Authors receive royalties from book sales and may buy copies of their books, if desired, at a discount. While we do not offer advance royalties, we do not charge fees. We offer a net royalty that is double the industry standard. We cover all publication and marketing costs. For more info: About Us.

What We Are Looking For:

▪ Quality writing
▪ Original ideas, unique perspectives
▪ Compelling characters and plots
▪ Books that reach both head and heart
▪ A Christian worldview
Among the Things We Will Not Accept in a Manuscript:
▪ Gratuitous sexual content
▪ Excessive violence
▪ Offensive language

To Submit a Manuscript

Email a single electronic document in Word (.doc/.docx) or .rtf format of the complete book (not proposal and sample chapters) with the information below at the beginning of the file to OakTara’s Editorial Director, Ramona Tucker, at rtucker@oaktara.com. Note: If you are already an author published by OakTara, you may submit a proposal and sample chapters.
We receive a great quantity of manuscripts, so please do not query the status of your manuscript unless more than 12-16 weeks have passed since your submission date. Then query Ramona Tucker, at rtucker@oaktara.com, for an update.

City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal Code:

Home and/or Work Phone
Email address: 
Your personal information is considered confidential and for OakTara’s purposes only. It will not be distributed or sold to any third party.
Working Manuscript Title:
Fiction or Nonfiction: 

* Classify your book as ONE of these fiction categories: Biblical, Children's & Family Classics, Classic & Allegory, Fantasy, Futuristic, General, Historical, Humor, Issues, Legal/Political Thrillers, Mystery & Detective, Romance, Romance-Suspense, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Young Adult.
*Classify your nonfiction as ONE of these nonfiction categories: Devotional, Humor, Inspirational, Parenting/family, Issues, Self-help

Plot Summary/Marketing Hook: 

* 200 words or less. Here’s your chance to “sell” a reader on the plot of your book! Pretend a reader is reading only this copy on the backcover. Would it make the reader want to buy the book? Include a "hook" and then the rest of the copy. If unsure what this means, go to the OakTara store and click on a few titles to see the marketing copy.
Author bio:

* 200 words or less. Please include any previous publishing experience (title and publisher); professional credits (degrees, schooling, etc.); any personal experience that relates to plot/characters of this book; and your reason for writing this book. If you are planning any sequels of other titles in a series, give the title of your series, how many books are planned, and the titles of the subsequent books.