Writers Guidelines

Who Is OakTara?

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Our Audience

We reach a broad spectrum of readers—those with an established faith, those investigating the Christian faith or other religions, those without a belief system but searching for meaning and purpose in life. Ms. must be written from a Christian worldview but with language/wording that can reach the broadest possible mainstream readership.

What We Publish

Inspirational fiction for adults, teens, and children (8-12) in a wide variety of genres.

Biblical ▪ Children’s & Family Classics (ages 8 and up—no picturebooks)
Classic & Allegory ▪ Fantasy ▪ Futuristic ▪ Historical ▪ Humor ▪ Issues ▪
Legal & Political Thrillers ▪ Mystery & Detective ▪ Romance ▪
Romance-Suspense ▪ Sci-Fi ▪ Suspense ▪ Young Adult
Nothing under 30,000 wc.

▪ Highly selective nonfiction

Inspirational (discussion guides are included only if part of a regular nonfiction book and you have a large platform) ▪ Issues ▪ Parenting/Family ▪ Self-Help

No poetry, plays/skits, or unsolicited memoirs/autobiographies. Nothing under 30,000 wc.

Faith Matters Line

Faith Matters includes Bibles, Eleutheria, Falling in Love, Inspire, Agonia, and Iotopia lines. All manuscripts for the Faith Matters line are hand-selected by OakTara or created by OakTara from our regular line and must be submitted to OakTara per the instructions in these Writers Guidelines and Submit a Ms.

▪ Barbour-OakTara Partnership

OakTara publishes titles through OakTara, as well as through the Barbour-OakTara Partnership. All manuscripts must be submitted to OakTara per the instructions in these Writers Guidelines and Submit a Ms.

▪ Blogs

At the Edge (no unsolicited blogs) ▪ Faith Matters (with U.S. News & World Report/not accepting new submissions) Bindings (not accepting new submissions)

How We Work

Authors receive royalties from book sales and may buy copies of their books, if desired, at discounts based on qty purchased. While we do not offer advance royalties, we do not charge fees. We offer a net royalty that is double the industry standard. We cover all publication and marketing costs. We produce both paperback editions and ebook editions.

What We Are Looking For

Mind-stretching, heart-transforming, life-inspiring fiction and nonfiction

▪ Quality writing ▪ Original ideas, unique perspectives ▪ Current, relevant issues ▪ Real (not cardboard) characters, compelling plots, intriguing settings ▪ Books that reach both head and heart ▪ A Christian worldview (but broad-based appeal also to mainstream) ▪ Authors who have established platforms or are growing platforms through various venues

What We Will Not Accept in a Manuscript
▪ Gratuitous sexual content ▪ Excessive violence ▪ Offensive language

Submission Timeline & Details

▪ We are currently not looking at new manuscripts until January 2017. Any manuscripts received after that will receive a response within 6-8 weeks.

▪ To simplify the submission process, use ONLY ONE email address to send your manuscript and any queries re: your manuscript. If we have to check multiple emails to find all the pieces of your entry, you are more likely to receive a "no thanks" or to get moved to the bottom of the reading list.

▪ Eligibility: You must be 18 years of age or older to submit a manuscript.

Please note: Every publisher gets overwhelmed from time to time with submissions. If you don't hear from us in 6-8 weeks, you are free to pursue other publishing endeavors.

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