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What It Means to Be a Good Samaritan: If we refuse to welcome Muslim refugees seeking safety inside our borders, we’re turning our backs on Christianity too, by Sharon McAnear

Catholic Rallying Cry: Pope Francis’ call for social activism follows in the footsteps of other “radical” Catholics, by Patrick O’Neill

Jesus’ Third Way: The hospital bombing in Kunduz put questions of justice, retaliation and evil into the light, by Shane Claiborne

No More Mud-Slinging: The gay marriage debate in religious circles needs to move beyond insults, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

A Stand Against Death: Pope Francis brings a powerful message against the death penalty, by Shane Claiborne

Our Common Home: Pope Francis’ visit reminds us of our global responsibility to the planet and its people, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

The Pope’s Critics Have It Wrong: Francis is on solid scientific, economic and moral ground, by Jeff Nesbit

God Isn’t Losing Ground: Why new numbers showing a decline in U.S. Christians don’t tell the whole story, by Michael Guillen

Jean Vanier’s Work with the Disabled Leads Him to a Paradoxical Truth, by Michael Guillen

Is God Stressing Us Out? By Ramona Cramer Tucker

The Moral Issue of Our Time: Why Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Is So Important, by Jeff Nesbit

Celebrate Diversity, Don’t Erase It, by Michael Guillen

History Is for the Living: Dachau concentration camp reminds us that what we don’t remember will happen again, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

Green Burials and Cremation Can Help Preserve the Beauty of God’s Creation, by Michael Guillen

Breaking the Silence: Why communities of faith need to listen to the experiences of transgender individuals, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

Christians Should Celebrate the True Meaning and Give to Others, by Michael Guillen

What Would Jesus Do About Diversity? By Ramona Cramer Tucker

God and the Meaning of Rosetta, Philae, and the Comet Landing, by Michael Guillen

The Right to Die or the Instinct to Live? Genetic testing raises difficult ethical issues in the physician-assisted suicide debate, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

Closing the Gap: Pope Francis’ stances on sexual issues show a willingness to reach out to the flock, by Jeff Nesbit

Having Faith With Bipolar Disorder: When those with mental illness find acceptance outside the church, by Ramona Cramer Tucker

Biological Climate Change Is the Real Threat, by Michael Guillen