Discounts Are Automatically Applied at Checkout at the OakTara Store

The following discounts will automatically apply at checkout for ALL customers (whether individual, group, store, or library). Qty may be a single OakTara title or mix of OakTara titles. Shipping is additional. “Original price” is the original price before the discounted-price-slash.

*1-9 paperbacks: 15% off original price (as already marked with price slash)

*10-49 paperbacks45% off original price

*50-249 paperbacks50% off original price

*250 or more paperbacks55% off original price

The following products/deals, when available, are NOT included in the qty purchased or the qty discount: Bibles: 15% off.  Specials are sold at the price listed.

Paperbacks purchased through the OakTara store are non-returnable due to discounts offered. However, if damaged: Contact Us

For large qty buys of paperbacks (over 1,000): Contact Us