FAQs for Writers

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Q: Are you an e-publisher?

A: No, we are not an e-publisher. OakTara produces both paperback editions and ebook editions of our titles.

Q:  Are you a self-publisher or a custom publisher? Do you charge fees to print an author’s book?

A: No, to both questions. While we do not offer advance royalties, we do not charge fees. We offer a net royalty that is roughly double the industry standard. OakTara covers all book publication costs, just as any traditional publisher does. Authors receive royalties from book sales, and may buy copies of their books, if desired, at a discount. 

Q: Does OakTara consider re-publishing books that have already been self-published/custom-published/traditionally published or are out of print?

A: If you have self-published or custom-published, it means you have paid fees to a company to print your book. If you have traditionally published, it means you have published with a royalty-paying publisher that has multiple distributors/outlets for sales. If you have a large potential platform and marketing plans in place, we would be open to taking a look at your previously published book to see if it would be a good fit for OakTara. However, before sending that book to OakTara or any other publisher, you should check your previous publishing contract to see if there is a “waiting period” after asking for rights to revert to you before you can seek out another publisher.

OakTara is very selective about re-publishing titles. However, we want to see quality books stay in the market, especially if the author has a growing audience. If OakTara is interested in re-publishing your previously published title, your book would receive a new cover, new ISBN, and go through our regular editorial and design process. It may also require a title change. Click Writers Guidelines for further instructions.

Q: Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

A: That’s not a problem for OakTara, but it may be for the other traditional publisher, so please check their guidelines. The way we look at it, if more than one publisher offers you a contract, then you get the wonderful opportunity to choose your book’s publishing home. Also, all publishers are deluged with manuscripts at various times and may not be able to get to all of them swiftly. If OakTara offers you a contract and you choose OakTara, we look forward to working with you. If you choose the other publisher, that’s fine, too, because we’ll be glad for you that your book found a home. OakTara is all about broadening the marketplace for mind-stretching, heart-transforming, life-inspiring fiction and nonfiction. Click Writers Guidelines for further instructions. 

Q: If I am accepted as an OakTara author, can you guarantee sales of my book?

A: Nothing in life is guaranteed, including book sales, especially in a rapidly changing publishing and distribution market. We distribute via multiple distributors, supply an electronic media kit, a marketing tips packet, an author page and book page on our Store, buying incentives to consumers, etc. In addition to our efforts, authors who have a previously existing platform and customer base, as well as work at growing their platform through email blasts, blogs, booksignings, speaking events, and other media efforts to grow their customer base will have higher sales numbers.

Q: Where can I buy OakTara books, and do I receive discounts on any purchases of my titles?

A: Click on Orders.

Q: May I sell my own OakTara books at my booksignings and special events, etc.?

Yes, you may sell your own OakTara titles at booksignings, conferences, and other special events. Books you purchase from OakTara for your personal use are supplied at the qty discount noted in Orders. You may resell them at your events for whatever selling price you wish to set. Offering customers a special price, as well as an offer to autograph the book on the spot, encourages sales.