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Compile a single electronic file--in Word (.doc/.docx) or .rtf format--of the COMPLETE book, with the following information inserted on the first page. Email as an attachment to:

Note: If you are already an author published by OakTara, you may submit a proposal and sample chapters if the book is not completed.

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Include this information as the first page (s) of your electronic manuscript file.


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Email address: 
Your personal information is considered confidential and for OakTara’s in-house purposes only. It will not be distributed or sold to any third party.

Working Manuscript Title:

Fiction or Nonfiction: 

Standalone or series (if your book has series potential, please list how many titles will be in the series, and the titles for the books in the series):

Classify your book as ONE of these FICTION categories:

Biblical ▪ Children’s & Family Classics (ages 8 and up—no picturebooks) ▪
Classic & Allegory ▪ Fantasy ▪ Futuristic ▪ Historical ▪ Humor ▪ Issues ▪
Legal & Political Thrillers ▪ Mystery & Detective ▪ Romance ▪
Romance-Suspense ▪ Sci-Fi ▪ Suspense ▪ Young Adult
Nothing under 30,000 wc.

Classify your nonfiction as ONE of these NONFICTION categories (nonfiction chosen is highly selective):

Inspirational ▪  Issues ▪ Parenting/Family ▪ Self-Help ▪ Devotionals/Discussion Guides (discussion guides only if part of a regular nonfiction book)

No poetry, plays/skits, or unsolicited memoirs/autobiographies. Nothing under 30,000 wc.

Marketing Copy: 

200 words or less. This is NOT plot summary copy, but your chance to “sell” a reader on the plot of your book. Pretend a reader can only see this copy on the back cover. What would grab a reader’s attention and make him/her want to buy the book?

 If fiction, intrigue but don’t give away the surprises or the ending. Just walk the reader into the story with a teaser of a story so tantalizing that they have to buy the book.

 If nonfiction, connect with a reader’s heart-felt, real-life needs and reveal the “why they should read this book.”

Include a “hook” (what is in larger print at the top of the backcover on a book) and then marketing copy. Go to the OakTara Store and click on a few titles in the genre you’re writing and check out the marketing copy for ideas of what we look for.

Hook (large print heading):

Marketing text:

Author bio:
200 words or less. Include any previous publishing experience (title and publisher); professional credits (degrees, schooling, etc.); any personal experience that relates to plot/characters of this book; your reason(s) for writing this book; some unique things about you that will create a conversation about you with a growing audience. This is not simply a résumé of who you are and what you’ve done; it’s your chance to connect with the readers of your book so he/she will want to tell a neighbor, “Wow, I just read something by this amazing author…and did you know he/she also…?”