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* Christine Sunderland placed ads for her novels Hana-Lani and Inheritance, in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and the December 3 issue of the British Spectator. The ad from the Honolulu Star is below:

* On Saturday December 3, 2011, Sylvia Stewart, Sharon Bernash Smith and Linda Reinhardt will be promoting their books at the "Some Like It Hot" coffee shop in Clatskanie, Oregon from 9 am - 1 pm. 

* K. B. Schaller's novel, Gray Rainbow Journey, won a 2011 FPA President's Award Gold Medal and Certificate.

* Daniel Carter has a new video for his book, The Unwanted:

Susan Prudhomme has a book signing scheduled December 4 at Copperfield’s in Napa, California, 2-4:00.  She'll be meeting and greeting, and signing both of her novels, The Forest and The Wisdom of Ambrose.

* Hunter Darden won the contest for the book 50 Great Writers You Need to Be Reading, sponsored by

* N.J. McNeill has established a Fan Page on Facebook for her book, Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers.  You'll find it at

* Edward Vasta, former 40-year professor at Notre Dame University, and his books, Mud by Mysteries, To Carthage We Came, Love and Redemption, Family Passions, and Tales from the Hidden Apple are being featured in an honorary booksigning at Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore in Notre Dame, Indiana, on Wednesday evening, October 12, 2011.

* Wm. Shane Dean had a book signing for My Enemy's Keeper at the Mountain Home AFB base exchange. See photo for Shane and 3 members of the support team for the elite USAF Thunderbirds.

* A half page feature of Fire from Heaven, by Dr. Keith Hardman, will run in Books and Culture’s (Christianity Today, International) November/December 2011 issue.

* Craig McLaren's books, The List and Eagle Lost, are now #1 and #2 on's list of top books in Secret Service Literature and Fiction:

* Cortney Davis will be interviewed by Sister Marie Pappas on Sirius/XM radio on "The Catholic Channel" program on October 4 from noon to 1 p.m.  They will be talking about Davis' book, To Begin Again.

* Judy Kay Scott, author of Journey to the Great White Throne Judgment, will be signing books from 1-4 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble in Holland, Michigan on Saturday, August 27, 2011.

* Daniel Carter did a radio interview about The Unwanted on with Judyth Piazza.

* Jason Blevins and his book, The Last Fall, were nominated for the 2011 Library of Virginia Literary Awards:

* Cortney Davis did an interview about her book, To Begin Again. Read it here:

* Jay Blevins, author of The Last Fall, will be the featured speaker at the 11 July meeting of the Capitol Christian Writer's group:
 He will also be one of six featured authors at the Luckett's Fair in Loudoun County, VA on 20-21 August.  Organizers are expecting between 12-15K people!

* Charles Patricoff is the featured “Author by Night” for July in Christian Fiction Online Magazine:

* Christine Sunderland was interviewed for the April edition of the Orinda News - a local Bay Area paper:

* Hunter Darden, author of Tapestry, was interviewed on:

* Bruce Judisch's interview on will air Monday, June 21st.

* Christine Sunderland's book, Hana-lani, just received another Honorable Mention, in the 2011 Beach Book Festival!

* Jay Blevins, author of The Last Fall, came in SECOND PLACE for favorite new author in Family Fiction’s Reader’s Choice Awards! The Last Fall came in SEVENTH for novel of the year. And Jay Blevins came in TENTH place for the Author of the year category.

* Christine Sunderland's book, Hana-lani, won Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival 2011, General Fiction:

* Jay Blevins came in SECOND PLACE for favorite new author in Family Fiction's Reader's Choice Awards. His book, The Last Fall, came in seventh for novel of the year.  Here is the site:

* Just in time for Mother’s Day, Former Record Label Executive Opens Up About Motherhood with Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters

* Bruce Judisch has an ad for his book, Katia, up on Novel Journey:

* Jay Blevins has been busy promoting his book, The Last Fall: In the last few months he has had a half page article on The Last Fall appear in the April edition of the "Blue Ridge Leader" newspaper, he was the featured author at the Literary Jam in Round Hill, and a half page ad was placed in "The Purcellville Gazette" for a book signing at The Christian Shoppe on April 9th.
Upcoming Events:

On May 1st, Blevins will be the guest speaker at Potomac Adventist Book and Health Food Store in Silver Spring, MD between 11 am and 5 pm.
On May 15th, Blevins will be speaking and signing books at Restoration Life Fellowship Church in Winchester, VA at 10 am.

* Eileen Hinkle Rife will be speaking at the Festival of Tables Women's Event, May 21, 1 - 3 p.m. at Mineral Springs Baptist, Vinton, VA

Eileen Hinkle Rife's book Chosen Ones was featured in this news story:

* Elizabeth Wiens' book, Bringing Them Home, was reviewed by Marilyn Rocket in the Homeschooling Today magazine in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue. She also did an author interview which was featured in the same magazine.

* N.J. McNeill will be presenting her book, Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers, at the Spokane Women’s Show at the Spokane Convention Center (Spokane, WA) on April 16th.  A book signing will follow.

* Ann Gaylia O'Barr's villain won in the Clash of the Titles contest for the "antagonist you love to hate." She used Antun, Kate's nemesis in Singing in Babylon.

* Barbara Tucker is speaking at 7 pm at the Northwest Georgia Valley Writers Conference 2011 at the Harris Arts Center in Calhoun, Georgia.  She will be presenting a workshop on Writing Style and selling and signing copies of her novel, Traveling Through.

* Christine Sunderland placed an ad for Inheritance in the British Spectator Magazine, March 26 issue and an ad for the Trilogy in the Squaw Valley Omnium Newsletter, p. 21 (as well as alumni doings):

* Christine Sunderland's book Hana-Lani placed Honorable Mention in the Reader Views Literary Awards, Humanities Category.

* Ann Gaylia O'Barr hometown newspaper, The South Whidbey Record, did an article on Singing in Babylon and my reasons for writing.

Here's the link:

* Jarrod Stephens book, The Road Less Graveled, is featured with Kentucky Representative, Tanya Pullin, on a poster for the Kentucky Public Library Council.

The posters are used in libraries all across Kentucky.

* Profile of Carolyn Koontz DeArteaga’s book Wake the Sleeping Lady:

* Ann Gaylia O'Barr wrote a guest piece on Sandra Ardoin's blog: She was also interviewed for Casey Herringshaw's blog:

* Dr. Keith McDonald, author of A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance, has raised thousands of dollars for the Salt of the Earth project through Global Connection International. He traveled with GCI on their first medical team visit to Cambodia in 2000, was surprised to see so many women with goiters, and came home determined to do something about the problem. He established the Salt of the Earth project, by which thousands of 1-Kilo bags of iodized salt are provided through the GCI Pastors network, with instructions printed in Khmer and the scriptural reference, “You are the Salt of the Earth.” Each church member receives two bags of salt—one for themselves and the other to give to a neighbor as a witness and to encourage them to use iodized salt. You can underwrite a 1-kilo bag of salt for 30 cents. For further info go to:

* Hunter Darden is writing a humor/inspiration column for a website called Associated Content. If you need a laugh or a bit of encouragement, log onto

* Great review of Vernon Anley's book Carnival of Lies:

* Ann Gaylia O'Barr's  hometown newspaper, The South Whidbey Record, wrote an article on Singing in Babylon. Here's the link: was also recently featured on

* Diane Dryden, author of Double or Nothing on Foster Ave., was interviewed on Moody Radio Chicago's program, This is the Day, on January 14th. Listen to the interview here:

* Baptist Press is running chapters of David Dockery’s book, A Scent of Jasmine on their Western Recorder in Kentucky and the Illinois Baptist has also run the story:

* Hunter Darden, author of Tapestry, did an interview for an internet site called The Author's Show. It is posted on

* Craig McLaren's book Eagle Lost made the top 100 of's Hot New Releases in Political Fiction.

* News article about Once Upon a Christmas:

*The Last Fall by Jay Blevins is featured on another website.  It's the book club choice on the following web site:

*New reviews of Christine Sunderland's book Hana-Lani are up at:

* The Last Fall and author Jay Blevins is the featured book on