Matthew Burden

A pastor and graduate of Houghton College and Denver Seminary, Matthew is the author of The Hidden Kings Trilogy: Freedom Cry, Book One, The Conqueror’s Song, Book Two, Pathways of Mercy, Book Three, as well as two historical novels, Tactus: A Quest for Truth and Soldiers of the King. Freedom Cry was largely written while Matthew was doing volunteer work in North Africa, and much of its richness in cultural detail comes from his work with African cultures and languages. The Conqueror’s Song, was born from Matthew’s love of history. Just as our own cultures and identities spring from the great events of years gone by, so the epic world of Freedom Cry was born from one great event—the rise of Warlent the Conqueror. Matthew wrote most of The Conqueror’s Song by hand, scratching lines into a beat-up notebook by the light of an oil lamp during evenings in southern Angola. He was volunteering with Operation Mobilization for a six-month service trip to build a home for orphans, and the example of his fellow workers provided much of the inspiration for his novel. Book Three, Pathways of Mercy, was written while Matthew was a student at Denver Seminary. Once the world of The Hidden Kings Trilogy had been imagined and its history explored, a new question presented itself: What would the story of the Gospel look like in that world? Pathways of Mercy was written in answer to that question. Matthew and his wife, Rachel, are in pastoral ministry in Maine and have two sons, Josiah and Samuel.

Books by Matthew Burden

Freedom Cry
The Conqueror's Song
Pathways of Mercy