Judy Kay Scott

Judy Kay Scott, B.A. in Business Administration, has worked in the field of marketing and also pursued a career in education. After retiring, she had more time to write. When God gave her the inspiration to write this story several years ago, she was shocked! Even though she had been saved as a child, she was, at that time, out of fellowship with the Lord. She wondered how God could possibly use a person like her.
During those early years she put the task God had given her on the shelf, while continuing a busy lifestyle. Throughout the years, as her faith in the Lord continued to grow stronger in the Lord, the Holy Spirit kept convicting her to write more until she couldn’t stop until she was finished. There was no doubt in her mind that this story had to be a spiritual intervention by God. “I believed that God wanted to send a wakeup call to the world through my writing…perhaps even to myself. It was only through God that I was able to write the story. God only needs a willing vessel, and He will do the rest.”

Judy and her husband, Russell, live in his hometown of South Haven, Michigan. They are members of The Anchor Baptist Church.
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Books by Judy Kay Scott

Journey to The Great White Throne Judgment