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Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters

Seeking women willing to take on
the most difficult job in the world…


About the Company
Founded by Darlene and Dan R. Brock in 2011, The Grit and Grace Project is a company dedicated to helping Women reach their full potential, merging two of the primary strengths innate to women, Grit and Grace, calling upon those strengths to find purpose as Individuals, Wives, and Mothers.
| GRIT |
Firmness of character; indomitable spirit, toughness and resolution;
unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger
Freely given unmerited favor and mercy; moral strength;
a disposition of generosity and kindness; favor rendered even when you need not do so


The Grit and Grace Project, P. O. Box 247, Estero, FL 33929 ▪ (239) 349-2600

About Darlene Brock
Darlene Brock is a motivated self-starter who, while raising her two daughters, found time to produce award-winning music videos, manage recording artists, promote concerts throughout the US, and serve as the Chief Operating Officer of ForeFront Records. Yet, when reviewing her varied accomplishments and successful career, she proclaims her most important and fulfilling job is Mom.



Darlene Brock will be discussing her book Help Wanted with Brenda Nixon, host of The Parents Plate Radio Program on Tuesday October 18th  from 10 – 11am Eastern. You can listen online at Get the podcast on iTunes after the live program at

Darlene Brock will appear on on Sept. 7th at 2 p.m.:

Author Darlene Brock Opened Up to LIVE About Latest Book Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters:



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Just in time for Mother's Day, Former Record Label Executive Opens Up About Motherhood with Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters

Darlene Brock’s interview on Help Wanted with Daytime TV will air Thursday, June 2, on over 100 affiliates in syndication:

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TLC Parentables presents: Talking to Our Daughters, featuring Help Wanted
(OakTara) and Darlene Brock.

Darlene Brock, author of Help Wanted, is featured on The Way FM stations:

Brock was featured on Fox and Friends and LIVE on July 12, 2011. Fox & Friends is the #3 rated morning show overall (behind Today and GMA)  and the #1 cable morning program, with about 4 million viewers daily, so we're excited about this opportunity.  Additionally, LIVE has 10-15 million unique visitors a month!


About Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters

Be Inspired. Be Challenged.
Be Ready and Willing to Take the Job!

(no experience necessary)

Coach, Creative Counselor, Time Manager, Media Director, Academic Advocate,
Professor of Gender Studies, Relationship Counselor, Sex Ed Teacher, Financial Consultant,
Bodyguard, Communications Specialist, In-Home Demonstrator, Military Strategist

Flavored with honesty, humor, compelling stories, and creative solutions, Help Wanted navigates the 13 jobs moms must accomplish in the dynamic, often challenging mother-daughter relationship to make the maximum difference in their girl’s life.
The action guide every mom needs
to raise confident, healthy, self-fulfilled daughters.
5.5 x 8.5 trade paperback
224 pp.
FAM032000 FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS/Parenting/Motherhood