Young Adult

The Forest: Menchian Journeys, Book One
By Susan Prudhomme

Enter a mythical Forest, where trees are the spiritual guardians of the creatures who live among them.

The Desert: Menchian Journeys, Book Two
By Susan Prudhomme

To find all he ever wanted—love, purpose, a true home—

will he have to give up everything he holds dear?


Denison Vale: The Town of Seven Wells
By Jarrod E. Stephens

A single set of tracks led to the well…and then disappeared.



The Short Life of Moths
By Sharon Bernash Smith

Kristen leaned closer, staring at the candle
as moth after moth flew into the waiting flame….

Inherited Danger
By Patricia L. Stebelton

The black Jag sped head-on toward Ginger and switched to her lane.
The driver was going to ram her. . . .

First Mission: Warrior for the Lord, Book One
By Paul Woodman

Sixteen-year-old David was on mile four of his daily run when a thick fog descended, and he turned the corner into a completely different world....


Mae's Open Arms
By Shelly Gail Morris

All she wants is a place to call home…and to be able to dance again.


By Patricia L. Stebelton

Ginger’s nightmares are now coming more and more often. But what if there’s truth to her troubling dreams?


Chameleons of Truth
By Terry Carlson

Ryan wanted to know the truth.
But it’s shockingly more than he ever could have imagined.


Shifting Sand
By Peggy Clement

Luke found out the hard way that nothing in life is secure.
Derek's Story
By Laura J. Boggess

Derek knows one thing. Life is never supposed to turn out like this.
The Sleeping Matchbook
By Patricia L. Stebelton

A yellow Mustang. A maroon and gray jacket. A mysterious matchbook. They all lead to murder.
Stars over East L.A.

By Marian Flandrick Bray

Best-selling Y/A author Marian Flandrick Bray sweeps readers into the dangerous gang territory of East L.A.
Fairies Fly
By CaraMarie Christy

Enter a fantasy world where unique powers can be used for good or for evil…and not all things are as they seem.
The Reluctant Immigrant
By Naomi Mitchum

Everyone has secrets. Rika’s are hidden in her new-fangled carrying purse…
Light at Summer's End
By Kim Ballard

Spending summer at a farm isn’t what she had in mind.
Brody's Story
By Laura J. Boggess

Brody’s moving…and it isn’t her choice. It’s because her mother no longer loves her father.
The Color of Love
By Hilary Hamblin

She was trying to escape her past...until it caught up with her.
The Ocher Flask
By Betty Gaard

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t easy...but the payoff is worth it. Just ask Matt Stone.