Show Me a Sign
By Susan Miura

All he wanted was to share a pizza with the coolest girl he’d ever met.
Then his almost-girlfriend was kidnapped.


The Hand of God
By Paul A. Hernandez

Who can be trusted with the truth? And what is the truth?


My Enemy, My Friend
By Wm. Shane Dean


No one outside of a small, top-secret circle knows who Elijah Malachi really is.


Crime in The Big Easy

By Deborah Lynne
A killer’s on the loose.
To solve the trail of crimes, a determined reporter and a stubborn detective will have to work together…even if it kills them.
Testimony of Innocence: Samantha Cain Mysteries Series
By Deborah Lynne
What more could possibly go wrong?
My Enemy's Keeper
By Wm. Shane Dean
A year ago, Seattle’s Space Needle became Ground Zero. Now the same terrorists have something even bigger in mind.
To Kill a Saint
By Michael Swiger

A corpse on an altar. A witness who isn't talking. An ancient vow of secrecy.
Hoofbeats of the Devil
By George Duncan and Bruce D. Henderson

Murder. A shocking secret. A lurking evil.
By Morgan D. Jones

Two heart-pounding suspense-thrillers by a former 36-year officer of the CIA...
By Morgan D. Jones

Suspicion. Danger. Murder. A heart-pounding novel by a former CIA officer of Athens Station.
Walk Me to Midnight
By Jane St. Clair

Bitsy Thatcher-Cole is dead. But suicide makes no sense.
The Last of the Descendants
By Charles R. Prandy

For nearly 25 years, Martin Howard has kept a secret from his son. A secret Order. A masked stranger. Four thousand years’ worth of descendants. And he’s the last.
By L. D. Alford

An unspeakable evil and an unbelievable power is about to be released into the world…Lt. Bolang must choose what to believe...and determine what is believable.