Forgotten Witness
By Patricia Stebelton

Who in the small Michigan town can Lacy trust not only with her secrets, but with her life?


Uncharted Storm
By Patricia Stebelton

A motorcycle roared up. She stared as the rider set the stand and stepped off the cycle. “What do you want?” she demanded. “Leave immediately before I call the police.” Removing his black helmet, the tall rider stepped forward. Curiosity glinted in his eyes. “If you greet everyone with this degree of civility, Miss, you must have a host of friends.”

Henri's Ghost
By Patricia Stebelton

Step into heart-throb romance with a bit of history and a twist of mystery

Over Oglethorpe Mountain
By Carolyn Koontz DeArteaga

The knocking on Julie’s door intensified. “Let me in! Something terrible has happened!”



The Taxi
By Jenny Johnson

It all started with a taxi one Saturday morning outside a fast-food restaurant...




In the Shadow of Catherine
By Doris Elaine Fell

Catherine always gets what she wants…except her daughter’s heart and the love of a free-spirited journalist.
Conspiracy on Corfu: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

Winning the Tour de France is Ian’s lifelong dream. But someone is determined to stop him, even if it means murder.
Wake the Sleeping Lady
By Carolyn Koontz DeArteaga
Something crazy is going on in psychologist Julie Taylor's life.
Deception in Prague: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

Everything about famed novelist Olivia Renway is shrouded in secrecy…even her death. Chase Evans is determined to find out why.
The Phoenix of Sulzbach: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

CIA officer Drew Gregory is haunted by unfinished business….
The Spanish Connection: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

Sauni can believe her ex-husband died in Vietnam. But it will take more than a military report to convince her he betrayed his country. 
Encounter in Zurich: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

A Sixteen years ago Robyn’s father walked away from her family. Now finding him is their only hope.
Assignment In Paris: The European Connection
By Doris Elaine Fell

The fashion circuit in Paris is a coveted assignment, but it might cost Andrea her life.
Be Not Afraid
By Deborah Lynne

A scream pierces the darkness….
Sunrise on Stradbury Square: Sagas of a Kindred Heart, Book Three
By Doris Elaine Fell

She loved him…once. Might there be a chance for them again? 
Willows on the Windrush: Sagas of a Kindred Heart, Book Two
By Doris Elaine Fell

Secrets lurk behind the doors of the English mansion...
Blue Mist on the Danube: Sagas of a Kindred Heart, Book One
By Doris Elaine Fell

A deep betrayal. Unfathomable love. Two decades of secrets.