Mystery & Detective

Denison Vale: The Town of Seven Wells
By Jarrod E. Stephens

A single set of tracks led to the well…and then disappeared.


Her Glass Heart
By Mary Cantell

What really happened that tragic August morning?
If only Jordanna could remember…


The Truth Revealed: Samantha Cain Mysteries, Book 3
By Deborah Lynne

A missing child? No, two.
Will the new PIs be able to find them…in time?
The Magdalene Mystery
By Christine Sunderland
Ten years ago a gunman opened fire in a parking lot, killing her parents.
No one ever found out why. But a trip to Rome might reveal the truth.
Testimony of Innocence: Samantha Cain Mysteries Series
By Deborah Lynne
What more could possibly go wrong?
The Leaving
By Ruth Crews
Life couldn’t get crazier for Anna Merritt…
Crime in The Big Easy
By Deborah Lynne
A killer’s on the loose.
To solve the trail of crimes, a determined reporter and a stubborn detective will have to work together…even if it kills them.
Discovering Imre
By Betty Gaard
Murder on a luxury cruise is the epitome of things gone awry.
Quiet Deception
By Ann Gaylia O'Barr

What really happened the night Dr. Byron White disappeared?

Just Cause
By Jeffery Hughes

The threat in their secret organization kept everyone honest.
If you talked, you died.

Gatekeeper, Book One

By Ruth Crews

The truth is not always what you think it is.
Chancey Double-Back
By Pam Ingebritson

A lot of folks wanted Dan Sullivan dead. But who would dare to kill him?
Unto the Least of These
By Alison Winfree Pickrell

Murder at the Lindler mansion...and it’s not the first time. 
A Dark Orange Farewell
By George L. Duncan

The key to their disappearance lies decades in the past... 
The Body of Dan Raven
By Vanessa Tyler

A body is missing...Step into the World of FBI Agent Ben Anderson, where what you see with your eyes may not be the whole truth.