Legal/Political Thrillers

Parabellum: The Secret Agent Series, Agent Wayne Mitchell, Book Four
By Craig D. McLaren
If you want peace, prepare for war.The Fixer has failed only once in his career as an assassin. Now he’s determined that Agent Wayne Mitchell will pay dearly.
The Bond: The Secret Agent Series, Agent Wayne Mitchell, Book Three
By Craig D. McLaren

The kidnapped Americans have only three days to live…and Agent Wayne Mitchell is their last hope.
Eagle Lost: The Secret Agent Series, Agent Wayne Mitchell Book One
By Craig D. McLaren

Only one Agent can save the President of the United States…and stop a conspiracy dating back to the Cold War.

The List: The Secret Agent Series: Agent Wayne Mitchell, Book Two
By Craig D. McLaren

Everyone thinks “The List”—the President’s black book—is a myth. Only two men know the truth. Now one of them is dead.

Blood Reflection
By Ronn Read

A bloodstained cloak. A brotherhood sworn to protect its existence. A suspense ride through the ethics & consequences of cloning a human being.

Lethal Ambition
By Michael Swiger

Politics. Power. Murder. If you want something bad enough, would you kill for it?

Lethal Objection
By Michael Swiger

Dark motives. Deadly secrets. And it all adds up to murder.

The Reluctant Chameleon
By Donald R. Brown

“Brew, you’ve got to help me…I need your—” There was a sound that might have been a gunshot. The phone went dead…