Lydia: Basketball Baby, Book 1
By Lynda J. Crim

Lydia, An unwanted baby with no home and no one to love her


Silenced Song: Sister Blue Thread, Book 2
By Linda J. Reinhardt

What do you do when all is swept away?  When life goes topsy-turvy in an instant?


Hidden Song: Sister Blue Thread, Book 1
By Linda J. Reinhardt

Trudy wasn’t sure what she expected out of teenage life. She just knew this startling news wasn’t part of the plan.



The Family Matter
By Ralph D. Curtin

They look like the perfect family. But a secret from her past is tearing them apart.


Cross Road: A Family's Journey, Book Two
By Barbara Tucker

After great pain a formal feeling comes…


Legacy: A Family's Journey, Book Three
By Barbara Tucker

Sometimes when you pursue others’ dreams, you find your own purpose.



Second Chance
By Eileen Hinkle Rife

Mave wants the life back in her marriage. Dareece just wants a life.
Could they be the answer to each other’s dream?


Bristlecone Mountain
By Keith McDonald, MD


Mark Edwards has every reason in the world to hate Dr. Tom Whitby….

As for Me and My House

By Elizabeth Wiens


When God leads a family to live counter to their culture, life is anything but typical.

Gray Rainbow Journey (Teacher's Edition)
By K. B. Schaller


Torn between two worlds, Dina Youngblood must make a choice…if it doesn’t kill her first.

Journey by the Sackcloth Moon
By K.B. Schaller

Something is protesting Dina Youngblood’s decisions… and with a vengeance.

Love and Redemption
By Edward Vasta

Legally, clones are “human replicates”… duplicates. But is it possible to raise one with love and a divine soul?
To Begin Again
By Cortney Davis


All she’s ever wanted is to be a physician who helps women.
Bringing Them Home
By Elizabeth Wiens

It all started with her child’s shiner…and a feisty science teacher.
Gray Rainbow Journey
By K. B. Schaller

A unique coming-of-age novel—from a Native viewpoint—about the stunning consequences of choices.
The Adoption Club
By Barbara Scott

Her heart longed for a place to call home.
Den of Lions
By Alison Winfree Pickrell

Courage isn’t always what you think it is.
Just Call It Redemption
By Carl Lawrence

When two worlds collide, everything changes.
As Eagles
By Alison Winfree Pickrell

They have no idea how much they need each other…or how much the world needs them.
Traveling Through: A Family’s Journey, Book 1
By Barbara G. Tucker

One night on a college campus changed everything for her…and for her son.
Julia's Quest
By Kim Ballard

“I wanted to see you now, before another minute passes. Now that your father is gone, I need to tell you some things.”
The Least of These
By Terry Hampton

It’s a frightening day for the United States of America...
Scent of Jasmine
By David Dockery

She thought she’d buried her secret long ago…but secrets resurface when you least expect them.
Light Dancer
By J. B. Blunk

This hometown boy is longing to get away.

A Time to Mourn, A Time to Dance
By Keith McDonald

Devi’s idyllic life was shattered the day Ban Rath entered her Cambodian village...