Such Deliverance As This
By Rebecca Velez

Five women. Desperate situations. Unexpected answers.



Out of Egypt

By Deborah Galiley


Two women. One baby. A shared love.


Liberation: Destination Hope, Book Three
By Charles J. Patricoff


Will liberation bring a new birth of freedom?

Consolation: Destination Hope, Book Three
By Charles J. Patricoff

He’s survived a year of the deadliest war. But can he live with his own failure?


Kathleen Creek
By Connie Lounsbury

The poignant tale of a mother’s love in the midst of unfathomable circumstances. Based on a true-life story.


Old Sins, Long Shadows: The MacLeod Family Saga, Book Two
By Sharon Bernash Smith


Family secrets cast long shadows over the MacLeod family, threatening them with shocking revelations.

The Train Baby's Mother
By Sharon Bernash Smith


A time of great evil. Unfathomable betrayal. A desperate act.

The Last Lion of Sparta
By G. Dedrick Robinson
A tumultuous nation near civil war. The most unlikely but passionate romance in history.
Fire From Heaven
By Keith J. Hardman

They traveled from England to America, searching for religious freedom. The New Light they find will do more than transform them. It will revive an entire nation.

Emancipation, Destination Hope: Book Two
By Charles J. Patricoff

He’s a man of honor. So how can he choose between taking a life— or letting his friend die?
Where Two Agree: The Hand of God Series, Book Three
By Judi Ann Ehresman

Two slaves, separated by a cruel master. Their hearts’ desire— to find each other again.

Separation: Destination Hope
By Charles J. Patricoff

“Have you figured out why we are fighting this war yet?” General Breckinridge asked.
A Carnival of Lies
By Vernon Anley

The Gestapo arrested my father in Berlin in the summer of 1933. When he asked why, he was told, “We do not give reasons.”.

Deception Pass
By Vanessa Tyler

A secret love. A tragic accident… or was it murder?

One Candle's Light
By Fay Alexander
The Thanksgiving Story You Never Knew…from the very beginning. 

Like a Bird Wanders: The McLeod Family Saga
By Sharon Bernash Smith, Rosanne Croft, & Linda Reinhardt

A dark secret was hidden in their upstanding family…
Away from Here: Sojourn, Book One
By D. M. Snelling

A riveting novel of betrayal, torment, and selfless love set in the burgeoning city of Quebec in 1641.
Mary in Transit
By Don Bemis

What was Mary like? Ask Rivka the gossip.
She’ll happily tell you, even if she doesn’t know.

The Light-Bearer
By Brian C. Hager

Plunge into the world of Lucifer, The Fair, Golden One...

Life Among the Christians
By Leila Merrell Foster

What really matters in life? In your beliefs? And how do you decide?

Life Among the Pagans
By Leila Merrell Foster

He’s doing his duty… but what about his heart?

Search for the Cross
By Leila Merrell Foster

Empress Helena is determined to find the tomb of Jesus. Sylvia’s family is determined to marry her off.   The journey they embark on will change them both.

A Stranger With You
By Sarah Stranske

Very few know who she really is...