Clean Up the House, Boys, Mama Has Hired a Maid
By Bill W. King

Take a laugh-out-loud ride with Brother Billy Bob Bohannon as he ministers to the members of The Last Baptist Church in Bird Bump, Alabama, and shares more stories about his wacky family and friends.

But You Shall Receive Power
By Bill W. King

“The knot on the back of my pounding head, and the bloodstains on the throw pillow
served as my first clues that someone had knocked me unconscious….”

Suburban Strangers
By Kathryn Hartman

“A stranger is simply a friend you haven’t yet met.”


A Glimpse of Glory
By Edward Arrington

I was at the top of the ladder of success…but I detested it.
Wasn’t there more to life than this?

Sharing Happiness: Ties to Ireland Trilogy, Book 1
By Marlene D. Lake

The beautiful scenery of Ireland beckons.
But will the trip draw them together or force them apart?


Building on Faith: Ties to Ireland Trilogy, Book 2
By Marlene D. Lake

Jennifer is good at ferreting out where trouble lies.
But this time protecting the man she loves will put her in more danger than she’d ever dream.

Learning to Live: Ties to Ireland Trilogy, Book 3
By Marlene D. Lake

Kathryn’s dream is to be a talented actress, like her mother.
But will her stardom come at a price, as it did for Megan O’Brien?


For Maria
By Bruce Judisch

Thousands of Jewish “hidden” children disappeared into the vortex of a horrific war. And Madeline, a freelance journalist, is driven to find two of them…her long-lost aunts.

Snowing Oats in July
By Jarrod E. Stephens


Walk on in to the little town of Late, Kentucky and experience the miracle for yourself.

Never a Starless Sky
By Sharon McAnear

Every momma earns a star in her crown for raising a child. But Jemmabeth Chase will get a few extra (and a boatload of worry) for raising Annalisa.


Tales from the Hidden Apple
By Edward Vasta

What appears to be and is seen with our minds isn’t always the truth.

Family Passions
By Edward Vasta

Three families. Three worlds. A head-to-head collision.


By Carol Savage
Josiane’s heart had never been satisfied.
There has to be something more, she thought, but what?
Journey to The Great White Throne Judgment
By Judy Scott Kay
She woke up in terror…
to the blast of a car horn and the glare of headlights.
To Carthage We Came
By Edward Vasta
All Matt Turner wants is to be somethin’…and for his life to make sense.
The Road Less Graveled
By Jarrod E. Stephens

“He’ll be back before you know it,” my older brother Orin said. But when you’re in seventh grade, even one day without your best friend is too long.
By Christine Sunderland

Only opening their hearts will keep them from plunging into the dark abyss.
Out of the Storm
By Gary Vinturella

He’s spent his life looking for “The Right Woman.” He should have quit while he was ahead.
The Last Fall
By Jay Blevins

Everything is going perfectly for attorney Eric Stratton…until the day after his thirty-fourth birthday.

By Bruce Judisch

“Seek the truth, embrace the pain, cherish the freedom.” A poignant peek at life beyond the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.

In Search of a Eulogy
By D. R. Daniels

There’s a dead body in front of Frannie’s Bar & Grill and the rumor mill is in full swing.

The Messenger
By Tim Spitzack

Once in a lifetime comes a story that will change your life and your perspective. 

Family Field Days
By Jarrod E. Stephens

Step into the good ol’ days,where you might not have two nickels to rub together, but family, faith, and hard work mean everything.
Seeking Paradise
By Deborah Galiley

The promise was there, waiting, waiting, but restlessness had a hold on me.

The New Monastic
By Paul Wallis

It’s easy to dream. It’s motivating to contemplate new avenues for faith and obedience to God. But it’s the turning that’s the hardest part.

By Hunter D. Darden

Life isn’t always fair, and Olivia has experienced more than her share of it.

By Lee Romsa

Every day Jack O’Neil goes home to the memories of all he’s lost.

By Morgan D. Jones

For 20 years he’s lived everyone else’s dream. Now he wants to live his matter who gets hurt.

When Cobras Laugh
By Don Ranney & Ray Wiseman

Will the journey be more about helping others...or changing themselves? 

The Lights of Home: Legends of the Sanctuary Tree, Book One
By Amanda Morgan

A spell-binding tale set against the vivid backdrop of the Pacific Northwest 

Dear Stormy
By Stan Sulecki

Could there be more to life than this? David Drayer wonders...

By Rick Campbell

He’s sailing into deadly waters…A retired psychologist and avid sailor confronts the seamy underworld.