Soul Survivor
By Rick Mayhew

Buckle up your emotional seatbelt for a rollercoaster ride into the future.


The Hand of God
By Paul A. Hernandez

Who can be trusted with the truth? And what is the truth?


My Enemy, My Friend
By Wm. Shane Dean

 No one outside of a small, top-secret circle knows who Elijah Malachi really is.
Donovan's Law
By Rick Mayhew

They’re used to fighting fires…and saving lives. But now they’re facing
the deadliest battle imaginable.
The Seven Bowls: The Tribulation Series, Book Five
By Ralph D. Curtin
Could this be the end of humankind, as we know it?
River of Eden
By Paul Wagner

An apparent “forever war” rages between beings of unimaginable power, but the choices of a reporter and a reverend can change everything…

The Seven Trumpets: The Tribulation Series, Book Four
By Ralph D. Curtin

Earth is in its final days…and God is displaying His wrath against everything unholy.

The Seven Seals: The Tribulation Series, Book Three
By Ralph D. Curtin

A sinister plot advances. But who will believe the shocking truth?

The Lights of God: The Tribulation Series, Book Two
By Ralph D. Curtin

How much would you pay to know the mind of God?

The Agenda: The Tribulation Series, Book One
By Ralph D. Curtin

An AIDS vaccine is being developed in contemporary America, but the cost is higher than anyone can imagine...