The Desert: Menchian Journeys, Book Two
By Susan Prudhomme

To find all he ever wanted—love, purpose, a true home—

will he have to give up everything he holds dear?


Call to Arms: The Battle Cry Saga, Book 1
By C.A. Wolcott

The fate of an entire city hangs in the balance.


Time Assignment
By N. E. Casady

A seam in time has started to unravel.


Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning
By John Turney

Is this the year of the final Reckoning?


The Bonding: The Song and the Rhythm, Book 1
By Brian C. Hager

An amazing gift—or a curse?


First Mission: Warrior for the Lord, Book One
By Paul Woodman


Sixteen-year-old David was on mile four of his daily run when a thick fog descended, and he turned the corner into a completely different world....

The Squire and the Knight: The Book of Squires, Book Three
By Randall R. Adams


Few now alive have ever ventured inside The borders of Nightshade Forest….

The Opal Cavern: TARTH series, Book Three
By S.G. Byrd

Curl says she’d rather die than spend the rest of her life trapped under Wasso Lake. What if her wish is coming true?


Pathways to Mercy: The Hidden Kings Trilogy, Book Three
By Matthew Burden

The Year 1091, In the Age of Warlent
An ancient enemy reawakes. The greatest war of all looms. Is peace even possible for their war-torn world?


The Conqueror's Song: The Hidden Kings Trilogy, Book Two
By Matthew Burden

At the Dawn of the Age of Warlent…
In a world on the brink of total war, one man stands against the darkness.


The Prophet A'Resh
By Aaron R. Kavli

A simple shepherd boy. His troublesome sheep. A strange old beggar.
Unlikely friends, they would become a mighty force against deception incarnate in the land of Resh.

The Wisdom of Ambrose
By Susan Prudhomme

The day I met Ambrose, I didn’t know who I was… or who I would become.

The Forest: Menchian Journeys, Book One
By Susan Prudhomme

Enter a mythical Forest, where trees are the spiritual guardians of the creatures who live among them.
Shore of Legends
By Jordan M. Walton
Puzzling disappearances. Mythical creatures.
An accidental soldier stumbles into an ancient war.
The Last Cordate
By Alison Winfree Pickrell

Two already failed in their mission. Now the fate of the datta rests in Talasa’s hands. 

Freedom Cry: The Hidden Kings Trilogy, Book One
By Matthew Burden

An ancient legend. An enslaved people. Yet the cry of freedom lives on in one man.

The Squire and the King: The Book of Squires Series, Book One
 By Randall R. Adams

Only those who survive the Testing will become squires in the service of the King. Magic. Swordplay. Valiant knights.

The Squire and the Blacksmith: The Book of Squires, Book Two
By Randall R. Adams

“There’s a prophecy about a boy who will save the Kingdom…” Danger. Betrayal. Loyalty.

The Worm Within the Skull: The Splintered Cross Series, Book One
By Nick Chamberlain

Enter a strange world, where good and evil wear unexpected faces, and faith is tested at every bend in the road.

Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers
By N.J. McNeill

Discover the secrets that lay locked away in a strange, enchanted land, where whiskered ones and sunbeams hide. 

Under the Golden Mists: Tarth Series, Book Two
By S. G Byrd

"Help me!" the voice sobs. It's only a dream, Lacht tells herself. BUT WHAT IF IT ISN'T?

The Brueggen Stones: Tarth Series, Book One
By S. G. Byrd

Lynn does not panic, Lynn does not scream—but why is this happening, and WHEN WILL SHE WAKE UP?

In the Eyes of the Serpent
By Carole Cargal Reeves

The serpent is on the prowl...and the only thing on his mind is destruction.

From These Ashes: The Seekers of Light, Book Two
By Carole Cargal Reeves

Evil inhabits the tiny planet of Earth and the darkness is spreading...

The Wordsmith, the Kid, and the Electrolux
By Clifford Leigh

“I was not certain if the whole world I had fallen into was upside-down and I was right-side-up, or vice versa.”