Classic & Allegory

An Unholy Love
 By Vernon Anley

 What happens at death? And what does life—and love—mean in the light of it?

The Ascent of Mount Mandala
By Michael Angelo Fazio

 “I shall climb you!” young Mishel vowed to the mountain.

By Lee T. Fox

Have you ever wondered if heaven will be dull?

Pilgrimage: The Trilogy, Book One
By Christine Sunderland

It was a day when nothing should have gone wrong...but everything did. For all those who live with grief and guilt...and long for true love, mercy, and peace. 

Offerings: The Trilogy, Book Two
By Christine Sunderland

A poignant story about choices made along the way…and the miracles of the heart. The second in a trilogy. 

Inheritance: The Trilogy, Book Three
By Christine Sunderland

She risked everything to save a life…But who would save hers? The third in a trilogy

By Rad Zdero

A legend is told of a pale white ant, who will end the curse and bring a new order to Entgora…