Children's/ Family Classics

Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers
By N.J. McNeill

Discover the secrets that lay locked away in a strange, enchanted land, where whiskered ones and sunbeams hide. 


The Dragon Forest II
By R.A. Douthitt

Long ago a solemn Oath was made between man and the Dragon of the Forest.…

The Fire of Eden: The Chronicles of Xan, Book 3
By Antony Barone Kolenc

The Magician raised his staff toward the sky, chanting in a strange tongue. Is he trying to call down a curse? Xan shot back to the window. He dove through the opening, plummeting to the ground outside. Spinning around, the Magician turned his staff upon the boy….

The Haunted Cathedral: The Chronicles of Xan, Book 2
By Antony Barone Kolenc

Darkness crept through the stone alleys of the medieval town. On a grassy hilltop, an ancient castle overlooked a massive stone cathedral in the center of the city. In the mist outside that great church, a boy and girl whispered.

Shadow in the Dark: The Chronicles of Xan, Book 2
By Antony Barone Kolenc

The Shadow passed through the midnight chill, dark and silent. Two small boys peered down at it in terror. “It’s back,” one of them cried in a faint whisper.

Secret Code Mystery: Century Farm, Book Four

By LeAnn Campbell
An old bottle. A note written in secret code. A Wanted poster.
Hidden Gold Mystery: Century Farm, Book Three
By LeAnn Campbell

A mysterious old letter. A promised payroll of gold. A shocking surprise in an old attic.
Always Home for Christmas
By Sharon Bernash Smith, Rosanne Croft, and Linda Reinhardt

Home for Christmas. Where stories begin…
Mud Pie Mysteries
By Edward Vasta

Kids are the Mud Pie’s favorite people.
The Dragon Forest
By R. A. Douthitt

No one has entered the mysterious forest and lived.
The Armour of God
By Philip Angers

Luke’s life is normal...until the night the giant Wyverns kidnap his parents.
Once Upon a Christmas
By Sharon Bernash Smith, Rosanne Croft, and Linda Reinhardt

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas…”

The Hoodles and Woodles
By Jonathan J. Rogers

Long ago, the Hoodles and Woodles were friends… before something tore them apart.

Secret Passage Mystery
By LeAnn Campbell

A secret passageway. An old diary. A shocking discovery.

Queen of the Castle
By Peggy Clement

Prissy likes attention— and she gets plenty of it. Well, at least, until Snickers shows up.
Old Shack Mystery
By LeAnn Campbell

An abandoned old shack.vA scrap of paper. Clues in a Rubik’s Cube®. 

Chinese PopTarts
By Julie Armstrong

His parents are planning a surprise. But it’s not at all what Alex thinks..
The Vase of Many Colors
By Rachel Thoene

  If you like Robert N. Munsch’s Love You Forever, you’ll love The Vase of Many Colors! 

The Adventures of Papillon
By Nick Chamberlain

Walk into the world of Papillon

The Christmas Redwood
By Janice Kirk

One tiny seed, planted that first Christmas night…who could guess how mighty it would become?