Out of Egypt
By Deborah Galiley

Two women. One baby. A shared love.


Obscurity Unveiled II
By Audra Jo Baumgarth
Walk behind the scenes into the fascinating lives of little-known Bible eyewitnesses.
Deborah, Mother of Israel
By Marlene D. Lake

It took a woman to lead an entire nation to victory.

The Word Fulfilled: A Prophet's Tale Series, Book Two
By Bruce Judisch

A city will be obliterated in forty days, unless… 
The Silent Years
 By Alan W. C. Green

1st century A.D. The birth of the little boy Yeshua was anything but commonplace. I ought to know. His mother, Maryam, was my little sister. 
The Journey Begun: A Prophet's Tale Series, Book One
By Bruce Judisch

The story you thought you knew…A prophet’s ageless tale of danger, redemption, and love...
Galilean Nights
 By Nick Chamberlain

Walk in the shoes of Peter, the fisherman turned disciple…the one Jesus of Nazareth named “the Rock." 

By Deborah Galiley

He could have been any of the men I saw everyday on the streets of Jerusalem. But when he looked straight at me, I was overcome with an emotion I could not name…

Polished Arrows
By Deborah Galiley

It was a time of great tumult…and even greater evil. But God had a plan. 

By L.D. Alford

A longing heart. An unlikely friendship. Love…and the bitterest of betrayals.

Such a Time As This
By Rebecca Velez

A sinister plot. A desperate plea. And a daring mission…

Ears to Hear
By Joyce Cordell

He’s heard the rumors about the great Healer. But it’s only hearsay until he himself is in great need of healing.

Obscurity Unveiled
By Audra Jo Baumgarth

Witness God’s transforming power in 60 behind-the-scenes people of the Bible...power available to us today, too.