Darlene Brock

Darlene Brock is a motivated self-starter who, early in her career, was one of the top three agents at the TAME Agency, representing several prominent Christian music acts. She and husband, Dan, cofounded Brock & Associates—their own personal management and booking agency representing early Christian rockers Petra and DeGarmo & Key. With the genre of Contemporary Christian Music in its infancy, she and Dan were pioneers in a new frontier, leading them to launch Creative Concerts, the concert promotion arm of B&A. As the head of this venture, Darlene traveled throughout the U.S., producing concerts. In 1988 Forefront Records was launched in the kitchen of their Music Row management office with partners DeGarmo & Key and producer Ron W. Griffin. In 1990, Darlene began her solo flight in personal management with DC Talk and Geoff Moore & the Distance, producing award-winning music videos while also serving as COO of ForeFront. In that capacity she oversaw employees and business interests at this growing multimillion-dollar record and music publishing group. In 1996 EMI acquired Forefront, and the Brocks retired from the music business in 1999. In 2011, Darlene announced the Brocks’ new venture: the formation of The Grit and Grace Project, an organization dedicated to helping women reach their full potential and find purpose as individuals, wives, and mothers. To email the author: info@thegritandgraceproject.com


Brock was featured on Fox and Friends and on FoxNews.com LIVE on July 12, 2011. Fox & Friends is the #3 rated morning show overall (behind Today and GMA)  and the #1 cable morning program, with about 4 million viewers daily, so we're excited about this opportunity.  Additionally, FoxNews.com LIVE has 10-15 million unique visitors a month!

Books by Darlene Brock

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