Traveling Through






A Family’s Journey, Book 1

Author: Barbara G. Tucker

One night on a college campus changed everything for her…and for her son.

Carlie Geraldson and her children, Josiah and Emily, travel cross-country to Brownsville, where her husband will become the new pastor of a church. What will the church be like? Carlie wonders. Will my children—both of them—be accepted by the congregation? And will she finally be able to push past what happened to her on a dark moonlit night in South Carolina?
Esther Lundy surveys the tomato plants in her garden as a moving truck pulls up in her neighborhood. Someone’s moving into the preacher’s house. Three of them appear to be typical preacher family types, but the boy resembles her son, Monroe. Does this boy know how unusual he looks in that family? Esther thinks. And do they know what happened in this house before they arrived? Neither was any of her business, but Esther couldn’t help herself. A welcome visit was in order….
A poignant portrayal of tragedy, forgiveness, and reconciliation
set in the turbulent 1970s and 1980s