To Kill a Saint





Author: Michael Swiger

A corpse on an altar. A witness who isn't talking.
An ancient vow of secrecy

It’s 2 A.M. when County Prosecutor Peter Saul arrives at the grisly murder scene at St. Andrew’s Church in Cleveland. Reverend Howard Jamison is covered with the victim’s blood, and there’s a Satanic Bible on his desk.

Attorney Hunter St. James has spent his career fighting the shameful specter of his father’s legacy. Now he’s assigned a pro-bono case he’s sure he can’t win. The charge is first-degree murder, and the arraignment is in two days. Worse, the client’s a holy-roller, and Hunter doesn’t trust anybody who makes his living off the superstitions of others.
Psychologist Faith McGuire has just lost a husband, but gained a new client…who knows far more than he’s telling.

Saul’s stepson, Jason, with his spiky hair, body piercings, and jackboots, is tapdancing on the prosecutor’s last nerve. Is it just a rebellious phase, or could there be something more to his attitude?