Time Assignment










Author: N. E. Casady

A seam in time has started to unravel.
Dr. Paul Edwards, an archaeology professor at Oxford University, has been on many interesting adventures, but none have filled his longing for significance. While returning from Dubai, he is reunited with an old family friend who reminds him of the life he turned his back on long ago. “I think we were meant to meet today,” his friend says. A business agreement causes their paths to cross again and leads Paul toward the Sahara Desert, a stranded woman, and what appears to be the most significant archaeological find of the millennium.
Malak, a being not bound by time, must enter the realm of the earth-dwellers. He and his highly skilled team have been charged with the most critical of missions: “Find my connection into time…and bring him home.” It’s Malak’s most challenging time assignment ever. It will ultimately lead him to Dr. Paul Edwards.
But will Paul’s life be changed by the supposedly “random” meetings with people and his startling discoveries? Will his heart be moved by the extraordinary glimpses of time-weaving? Or will his human need for love finally penetrate his distracted heart?
A riveting journey through the woven threads of time, human choice, and eternal purposes