The Worm Within the Skull






Author: Nick Chamberlain


Enter a strange world, where good and evil
wear unexpected faces, and faith is tested
at every bend in the road.

After receiving a strange, garbled phone message from his friend, Lawrence—minister, mercenary, and teacher—Johnny drives through the night and pelting rain to his friend’s mountain home, a converted church, high in the Rockies. He finds a note: They’ve come. And I am going with them. This is it. The “great adventure.” Maybe the last one. Time to find my faith again. Second chance. But what do the cryptic words mean?

The next spring Lawrence’s notebook appears on the old altar in the cabin. As Johnny turns the pages, the fallen world of Naphal comes to life, a world in which even the light is darkness, and terror, and temptation, and beings of night fill the land. To this world Lawrence has come, to receive the stone of light. And in this world, at the Tor of Skull, where the worm Shamir guards the gateway, is found the great test of faith.