The Train Baby's Mother






Author: Sharon Bernash Smith

A time of great evil. Unfathomable betrayal. A desperate act.

Hadassah Jensen, a Holocaust survivor of Ravensbrück, has spent twenty years trying to forget her haunting memories. Worst of all is the dark day the train hurtled through the snow-covered countryside of Nazi Germany, throwing her life into a tumult from which she has not recovered. But when a piece of the puzzle from her past returns, she’s confronted with her deepest shame.

Professor Fritz Miller will always remember the fierce protectiveness he felt the day he, as a twelve-year-old German farm boy, found the Jewish baby lying in the snow, next to the train tracks…and then had to give her up. When a shocking revelation emerges, he wonders, Is it possible to change destiny? And, if so, will there even be time to do so?

One past. One destiny. And the story of a lifetime.

A Holocaust survivor’s tale of tragedy, loss, shocking revelation, and hope that will alter more than one person’s future.