The Prophet A’Resh






The Prophet and Dragon Chronicles, Book 1

Author: Aaron R. Kavli


A simple shepherd boy. His troublesome sheep. A strange old beggar.
Unlikely friends, they would become a mighty force against deception incarnate in the land of Resh.
Long ago, dragons ruled over men’s minds and bodies. Temples were erected in their names, and mighty empires lived or died at the whim of these evil lords. Then Ye’su, the Son of the Creator of the EverAll, came, defeating the dragons with his death. But many men who knew no other way of living carried on their evil work. The teachings were all but lost in the darkness of men’s hearts.

When Ar’ked, a young shepherd, is charged by an angel with restoring the ways of the Sojourners of the Narrow Path, he is opposed by everyone from his own mother to the Priest-King of the mightiest of empires. Will the lessons of a lame beggar, the surprising treasures in a secret library, and Ar’ked’s faith in Ye’su be enough to succeed against a plot of betrayal and the ancient Oracle of Tartaria, who still stalks the land? And will Ar’ked ever find out what really happened to his father?
A riveting fantasy of the powerful triumph of good over evil