The Last Cordate





Author: Alison Winfree Pickrell

Two already failed in their mission.
Now the fate of the datta rests in Talasa’s hands.

In the beginning the race of beings called datta reveled in their world, their gifts, and made Da-Dat-Shee, the three-hearted God, the center of their lives…until they turned inward, seeking their own pleasure.

In an attempt to right the wrongs, every ten years they chose a Cordate among their younglings to carry Grief from the planet. But the evil Necrose stopped the Cordates before they could accomplish their mission.

Now Talasa begins her journey as Cordate. She’s convinced that the glorious age of Diapason awaits. Yet, are the people ready to receive this news? With Necrose lurking, the journey will be perilous indeed…