The Haunted Cathedral






The Chronicles of Xan, Book 2

Author: Antony Barone Kolenc

Darkness crept through the stone alleys of the medieval town. On a grassy hilltop, an ancient castle overlooked a massive stone cathedral in the center of the city. In the mist outside that great church, a boy and girl whispered.

“’Tis her, Robert!” the frightened young girl said to her brother.

“The ghost?” Robert asked his little sister.

Inside, an eerie light shone through the cathedral’s red-stained glass, like a glowing ember. It seemed to glide from one window to the next….


The road to Lincoln is perilous for the orphan Xan and Brother Andrew. Accompanied by a dangerous prisoner, struggling with doubt and unable to forgive his parents’ murderer, Xan will face his greatest challenge yet. But will it come from within himself—or from the dark cathedral, which is rumored to be haunted?

Mystery. Danger. Adventure. It’s all here.

And true forgiveness and courage too.