The Forest






Menchian Journeys, Book One

Author: Susan Prudhomme

Enter a mythical Forest, where trees are the spiritual guardians of the
creatures who live among them.

The Menchians, a race of small people nearly unknown to their human cousins, have one goal: to live long and peacefully. Because their guardians, the Graybarks, are so austere and uncommunicative, the Menchians know little of the One who is over all, believing they must survive on their own by constant caution and vigilance. Young Timkin, alone among them, basks in dreams of mystery and adventure. His heart whispers of something more—a wider world and a joy only he can imagine.

One day, he falls headlong into the river and is swept away from all he knows. Thus begins his Journey to the very heart of the One…a Journey that will require every bit of his strength, his courage, and his love.