The Conqueror's Song






The Hidden Kings Trilogy, Book Two

Author: Matthew Burden

At the Dawn of the Age of Warlent…
In a world on the brink of total war, one man stands against the darkness.

As rampaging armies from a distant country tear through his homeland, a young tribesman must undertake a dangerous quest to turn the tide. Armed only with the strength of his friends, his faith in the Most High God, and an ancient prophecy, he sets off across the world in an attempt to set his people free. Along the way, he discovers that the great war is part of something much bigger—a vicious blood-feud running since the creation of the world. Can he find a way to defeat what seems to be an invincible force and turn an age-old prophecy into reality?

Set more than a thousand years before the events of Freedom Cry, The Conqueror's Song catapults the reader inside the legends of the golden age of Warlent the Conqueror and opens the secrets of an ancient world locked in perpetual war.

An epic fantasy—in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien— to capture both mind and heart