The Brueggen Stones






The Tarth Series, Book One

Author: S. G. Byrd

Lynn does not panic, Lynn does not scream—
but why is this happening, and WHEN WILL SHE WAKE UP?

Lynn’s an “in-between.” Not a child, not an adult—even if she does have a real job in a department store.

 In fact, her life isn’t interesting at all…until the day she trips and bumps her head on a Chicago sidewalk.

 Plunged headlong into the world of Tarth and a vicious war between the evil sorcerer, Gefcla, and the kindly Stallis, Lynn decides she should try to fulfill a prophetic rhyme from Keshua, the Healer.

 Only she can’t let anyone else know, or they might try to stop her. Chell, a Stalli warrior wants to help, but he is hours away—and Gefcla isn’t!