The Bonding






The Song and the Rhythm, Book 1
Author: Brian C. Hager

An amazing gift—or a curse?
All Sean Matthews wants is adventure. He’s grown up loving fantasy stories and finds himself dreaming of entering the worlds in his books. Then one day a mysterious stranger approaches him with an appeal for help on a dangerous quest. “Our worlds are in danger,” Drath announces. “There is a man, a wizard, who is trying to take over my world, and yours, too.”

It’s what Sean has longed for—the opportunity to be both adventurer and warrior. But dare he believe this supposed emissary from another world? And that Sean himself holds an unexpected claim to the legendary heritage of a Swordsman? He has always felt out of place in his world, disjointed, as if he’d never really belonged. Now all of his dreams seem suddenly within reach, and he’s terrified. Yet when he’s handed a unique sword, it seems to call out to him, urging him to step through the portal between the trees….

An epic plunge into a fantastical adventure