Tales from the Hidden Apple








Stories of the Indicative Present, Imperfect Past, and Subjunctive Future
Author: Edward Vasta

What appears to be and is seen with our minds isn’t always the truth.

Enter a world where miracles abound and shocking revelations lead to transformed perspectives:
*A professor at last sees himself clearly, due to a wayward dog.
*Neighbors gather to protect history and commit an unthinkable act.
*A priest puts faith—and communion wafers—to the test.
*A WWII pilot stalls the Japanese occupation of Wake Island with a unique technique.
*A mute child’s keen vision, hearing, and sacrifice causes music to rise to the heavens.
*A futuristic assassinator gets surprise assistance.
*Clonewights discuss the Original humanity back on earth, now lost.
And more.

Tales of the Hidden Apple steps beyond “the artifacts of life” (what we can prove) to what is seen with the heart…what really matters. As human frailties and Eternal Wisdom connect in profound, divine moments, we are restored to the simple, complete faith that anchors every action and permeates life with unquestioning order and serenity, giving us courage for our own life journey.
17 tales to make the transient moments of life significant and holy.