Destination Hope, Book One

Author: Charles J. Patricoff

“Have you figured out why we are fighting
this war yet?” General Breckinridge asked.

Nothing could prepare young Confederate Army Chaplain Nathaniel Graham, from a small town near Franklin, Tennessee, for what even one bullet can do to a man—or the regrets and terrors of those whose souls are leaving this Earth. As both North and South fight for their right to hold on to life as they know it, brothers kill brothers, and slaves are caught in the middle. It’s clear that whoever wins the War Between the States will define life and liberty for future American generations.

As Nathaniel writes letters to grieving families on both sides, he’s not sure what he believes anymore. The principles he pieces together—and his correspondence with a Yankee Lt. Colonel’s daughter—will rip apart his soul but bring the dawn of a new light of liberty.