Searching for Home






Author: Ann Gaylia O'Barr

He told her he’d kiss every freckle when he came back from Haiti. But he never returned.

Two years have passed since Hannah Forbes’ fiancé left for an ill-timed trip to Haiti. A blanket of nothingness has covered her like asphalt ever since. But as she visits a friend on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, excitement stirs for the first time since Vance’s murder. 

When she meets the handsome, ambitious U.S. diplomat Patrick Holtzman, her drive to go back to the “safe” computer programming job in Nashville fades and the artistic calling she thought she’d left behind emerges. 
But Patrick has secrets of his own…and when they’re revealed, in the midst of tumultuous world events, both must decide just how much they are willing to risk to find their hearts’ home.