Search for the Quinset Keepers





Author: Armand Matte

The evil Power’s invading forces are only days away from the earth.
Chad is an average 18-year-old until he watches a Buffalo-Pats game with his buddies and smells a nonexistent apple pie baking. When a voice tells him about “the Conduit,” a million tingling sensations overwhelm him. He awakes to his dog Roadkill’s growl and a massive robot reaching for his neck.

Denmark, 2054 A.D. Marissa awakes in terror and orders CASH, her computer, to scan her house for an intruder. Then she hears the voices of sports commentators from a football game years before her birth.

Waterford, Ontario, 1928. Cathy is eating a slice of warm apple pie in the abandoned meadow of her grandmother’s farm when she falls asleep, dreaming about football. Later, her kitchen vanishes, and she stares into the brown eyes of a dog.

When all three meet in the Conduit, they plunge into a dangerous mission with the robot, Link, to save the earth. The collected power of the ancient Tarkian quinset stones, scattered over the globe during significant moments in history, are their only hope. But with the clock ticking, will they be able to locate all the quinset keepers in time?
A riveting sci-fi novel with a twist of fantasy that intertwines past, present, and future in nonstop adventure