Never a Starless Sky




Stars in My Crown, Book 1
Author: Sharon McAnear

Every momma earns a star in her crown for raising a child.
But Jemmabeth Chase will get a few extra (and a boatload of worry) for raising Annalisa.

Gorgeous Annalisa Turner has everything—hot looks, plenty of money, boyfriends galore, and a great family. Sure, she’s sometimes sweeter than smart, and her brother, Drew, frequently reminds her of that. Her sister, Bets, thinks it’s her job to play watchdog over Annalisa’s life. And her parents, architect Spencer and artist Jemmabeth Chase, always worry about the dumb things she sometimes does.

Then Annalisa secretly determines to go after the one thing she’s missing—a relationship with her birth mother, Missy Blake. Problem is, Missy’s in prison for kidnapping Annalisa as a baby and then trying to shoot her adoptive mom. Missy can’t be all that bad, Annalisa tells herself. But when Missy is released from prison, and Annalisa launches her mission, aided by a quirky, retired postmistress, she might discover that everybody in Connelly County, Texas, is right after all.

The Stars in My Crown series. Three siblings. Three passionate quests.

Three coming-of-age stories with a twist of romance and humor.