Innocent Blood







Equinox of Reckoning
Author: John Turney

Is this the year of the final Reckoning?
Old Celtic traditions speak of three horrifying nights—each separated by 600 years. Three nights of terror when summer dies and winter is born. Three nights when the veil separating our world from the afterlife—the Otherworld—is ripped asunder. Three nights when terrifying creatures and the dead enter our world, wreaking havoc. Huddled around forlorn campfires, druid priests would whisper dreadful tales of these three nights, each night progressively worse. Tales of the veil vanishing, allowing the invasion of the Otherworld armies. Twice has this night occurred, and 600 years have passed since the last one.
As a student at Wyandot College, all Patrick O’Chulainn wants is to finish college, get his degree, and return home to help run his dear uncle and aunt’s bed-and-breakfast. Then one October evening, a nightmare jolts him from sleep. In the dream, a beautifully dangerous woman threatens his life. The following night, Patrick breaks up an attempted rape on campus. These two events propel his life in a direction he never imagined.
Now the would-be rapist is hunting for him. Emer, the intriguing girl he rescued, has been kidnapped. Her friend is missing. The police want him for questioning in their disappearances. Puzzling mass murders occur every night. Then the biggest surprise of all sneaks up on him….
A heart-stopping, epic fantasy