From These Ashes






The Seekers of Light, Book Two

Author: Carole Cargal Reeves

It has been many years since Utriel fell under the powers of the handsome, diabolical Asmodeus and conceived her son.  Memories only bring her grief, pain, and guilt.  Now she and her friends are wanderers, crossing the vast, open plains to the blue sea beyond in their pursuit to fulfill their destinies.

Prax-En, a stone mason whose people have lived by the Great Sea for centuries, has heard stories of the Placer of the Stars but wonders if they’re merely legends. Then he begins to have dreams of an alien land and a monstrous statue of polished stones. What could his visions mean? When Prax-En refuses to make a statue of Pontus, the power-hungry Chief Elder, Pontus hatches an evil scheme that will change everything about Prax-En’s life…and lead him on a journey he never would have imagined.