Destination Hope Series, Book Two

Author: Charles J. Patricoff

“He’s a man of honor. So how can he choose
between taking a life— or letting his friend die?

The American Civil War’s deadliest battle, Antietam, rages. Each day, in the haze of cannon fire, Confederate Army chaplain Nathaniel Graham
fights Union men who might be the enemy…or his friends or relatives. He can’t escape the questions—and the challenges of his Northern Illinois confidant, Miss Eleanor Ellis and the captured, forced-into-slavery freedman, Pastor Jonah Benjamin.

Even if women cannot vote, Eleanor Ellis becomes a political activist to end the conflict and bring her brothers home after President Lincoln transforms the war’s cause from “Saving the Union” to “Ending Slavery” with his announced Emancipation Proclamation.

When the fighting is over, revival erupts in many military camps, but Nathaniel’s heart and faith faces his greatest challenge yet.