Clean Up the House, Boys, Mama Has Hired a Maid






Brother Billy Bob Bohannon
Author: Bill W. King

Take a laugh-out-loud ride with Brother Billy Bob Bohannon as he ministers to the members of The Last Baptist Church in Bird Bump, Alabama, and shares more stories about his wacky family and friends.
Have you ever been to a cowboy funeral? Starring Wyatt Burp? Or been on a diet for thirty days and five nights? Or gone deep water diving in the baptistery? Step on in to Brother Billy Bob Bohannon’s life, and he’ll entertain you with his signature Southern, down-home charm and folksy tales. Meet some of the most colorful, humorous characters you’ve ever met, like Billy Bob’s first cousin, Booger Ray, his old buddy, “Blow Gum” Buttermilk, Uncle Lonzo’s stinkin’, spittin’ llamas, and Lassie the goat.
Pour yourself a tall glass of iced sweet tea, pull up your recliner, and settle in for a good read with lots of laughter and some surprising insights.
The Brother Billy Bob Bohannon Series
An infectious blend of spiritual wisdom and comedy