Call to Arms





The Battle Cry Saga, Book 1
Author: C.A. Wolcott
The fate of an entire city hangs in the balance.
The trumpet has sounded. A declaration of war. And the need for soldiers to answer the call is greater than ever. This deadly war is not between two nations of state and politics, but between opposing powers of hidden realms.

When a small church youth group clashes with a satanic gang at Silex City Park, James Proctor is the first to answer the call to arms. But quickly he discovers this battle is far bigger than he can handle alone.

Peter Saxon also hears the call but wants nothing to do with it…until the war gets personal. When he starts having visions of an epic medieval battle and is recruited by both sides, he realizes just how high the stakes truly are—and that neutrality in this war isn’t an option. Before he and those he loves are caught in the crossfire, he must choose a side. But which one?

“A hybrid of the genre of C.S. Lewis and of Frank Peretti, Wolcott’s tale of spiritual warfare took me away. With its solid biblical principles and graphic, gutsy realities, Call to Arms is a powerful allegory for the training of those young now, but who will soon be soldiering in the last great battle of the Age.”

CHARLES JACKSON, speaker, Creation Truth Foundation and founder, Points of Origin Ministries (, national and international speaker in creation science education