Blood Reflection





Author: Ronn Read

A bloodstained cloak.
A brotherhood sworn to protect its existence.
A suspense ride through the ethics &
consequences of cloning a human being.
There’s something special about Brock Auzman, “The Wiz.” He’s a born leader, on the fast-track to political success. But only John Turner, his campaign manager and “conscience” ever since their Batterson Academy days, knows how troubled Brock is about his past…or lack of one. Attorney Michael Auzman clearly isn’t Brock’s father, but then, who is? Why is that fact so shrouded in mystery?

For two thousand years, The Haimaelien Brothers has guarded the cloak as a treasured relic, the foundation of their faith. Then, twenty years ago, their Council approved an experiment of shocking ethical proportions…one that will rock the world if the truth is revealed.