As Eagles





Author: Alison Winfree Pickrell

They have no idea how much they need each other…
or how much the world needs them.

Trinka McDaniels is only eleven when her mother takes her to a small house on Pockettown Road and leaves her there because her new boyfriend “don’t want no kids.”

Believing that only family and magic can keep her safe, Trinka creates her own family by naming pieces of furniture, her pillow, and the screen door. Even the kids at school have no idea she lives alone.

Georgia Collins, an elderly widow who never leaves her house, finds herself in a bind when the local grocery store refuses to deliver her groceries anymore. Could the little girl who rescued a kitten in her backyard be the answer to her problem?

Junior, an enormous black, handicapped man, spends most of the day sitting on his front porch, watching passers-by. People think he’s too dumb to learn. But Trinka thinks differently, and she’s determined to make him try.