Susan Prudhomme

Susan Prudhomme loves creating imaginary worlds of beauty and challenge, like those in The Narnia Chronicles and The Lord of the Rings, with characters who reflect our own struggles, doubts, and heroism. “I believe,” says Susan, “that through story people of all ages can discover their souls’ delight and deepen their enjoyment of mystery.” The author of the Menchian Journeys series (The Forest, Book One, and The Desert, Book Two), The Wisdom of Ambrose, and Final Harvest (an apocalyptic with an unusual twist)Susan enjoys writing delightful, poignant tales set in imaginary worlds of beauty and danger. Her goal in her writing is “to draw the reader into worlds that combine spirit and nature—‘thin places’ where we can step from our own daily life into a world like ours but imbued with the numinous.” Susan is a former probation officer and semi-retired mother of one grown daughter. She has written for Touchstone and has contributed short fiction to the journal Anam Cara. She and her husband, Jim, a priest in the Anglican Province of Christ the King, reside in Northern California.

Books by Susan Prudhomme

The Forest - Menchian Journeys: Book One
The Desert: Menchian Journeys: Book Two
The Wisdom of Ambrose