Peggy Clement

Peggy Clement’s passion for writing began when she was a young child. Then, in seventh grade, she won her first award for writing. As a reading teacher for over thirty years, Peggy has seen how much her students enjoy reading animal adventure stories, so decided to write one of her own: Queen of the Castle (OakTara), with the main character, Prissy, based on the miniature schnauzer her family had by the same name. Peggy now works with readers who want to read “older” books, but are hesitant when they see the book length of some novels. That concept, and losses of people she loved in her own life, led her to brainstorm Shifting Sand. Peggy is also a contributing author to It’s in the Gulf, a hurricane anthology (Golden Triangle Writers’ Guild). Peggy lives with her family in Southeast Texas. You may write the author at:

Books by Peggy Clement

Queen of the Castle
Shifting Sand