David Dockery

David was born in Jackson, Mississippi. He received a B.S. in petroleum geology from Mississippi State University, where he was active in Campus Crusade for Christ and the Baptist Student Union; an M.S. in geology at the University of Mississippi, where he joined Campus Crusade for Christ as an associate staff member; and a Ph.D. in paleontology at Tulane University, with one year at Duke University as part of an experimental Tulane-Duke-Emery Ph.D. consortium program. After graduate school, he joined the Mississippi Geological Survey, where he became head of the Surface Geology Division and director of the state’s surface geology mapping program. David has published over 160 scientific papers, including seven books. His first work of fiction, The Time Tunneler, was a finalist in the novel division of the Eudora Welty Film and Fiction Festival in 1993. “A Scent of Jasmine grew from my thoughts on the subject of abortion and developed into a Southern story of family,” David says.

Books by David Dockery

A Scent of Jasmine